Rock 'n Rope Collection

Crochet Bead

Necklace, belt or bracelet.

Colours can be requested.

Rock 'n Rope Collection

Rock & Rope

The Rock and Rope collection is sophisticated and fashionable. Picture this; you are lying on grainy sand under the warm sun, listening to the crashing waves of the sparkling sea and sipping your favourite Pina Colada. For me, it is an exciting exciting reminder of a much-needed Caribbean holiday. But for others, it is the shimmering pearls, shells, charms, beads and festive spirit that stand out the most.

My Rock and Rope necklaces are reminiscent of a strong, bold woman who faces adversity with the confidence and courage to be herself in difficult circumstances. Wheter it be cancer, death, a break-up or any heart wrenching issue you may be facing. With a Rock and Rope neckpiece around your neck-youre ready to take on the world!come what may!

Time Peace Necklace 01

Time Peace

This collection is trendy and classy. The silver necklaces that double as watches exude intimate sensuality and uniqueness.Every time I wear a time peace necklace, Iā€™m reminded of a VERY special heirloom, like the big heart diamond the old lady wore in Titanic.

These necklaces are sure to take me down memory Lane. Where I used to play "house-house" with my mom's jewelery pieces. It made me feel like a princess and-nothing has canged. I still feel that way when I wear one of these. If you generally woo your man with your sensual vintage sweetness ā€“ this is your best bet.

Unchain My Heart Necklace 01

Unchain My Heart

Coloured chain links are spiced up with leather strands, trinkets, findings and beads, to comprise this bohemian neckpiece.

Never seen OR TRIED anywhere BEFORE, this necklace will turn heads for all the right reasons! Can be custom made to specifications and taste.

Flower Power Necklace 01

Flower Power

If you are hitting the town with the girls and flaunting your fashionable best out ā€“ you need the power -flower power! this collection reminds me of a hot, sunny day, floral dresses and lemonade. It is crisp, fresh, delicious and sexy. The summery blend ofcolours, shapes and rich textures promises to strike a chord on everyone around you.floral edginess of this collection is almost like fresh cut grass mixed with some flower petals. It is divine. The devilish spunk and funk of these pieces create the warmth and eccentric undertones in these pieces.

If you are a flower child, you better take these pieces home with you. I know I will be

The flower power colection is perfect for anyone. Wheter you like minimalistic and understated class or bright, laid back hippie styles-youre sure to find something here to tickle your fancy!!!

The Flower Power collection to me is like eating a strawberry cheese cake after an operation.Or tsting your mmum's food after years away from home. That fondness and sense of belonging that beauty awakes within you, and makes you smile.

That exhillirating feeling you get when you know the hardest part of your life is over and done with and you can let your hair down and just do fun stuff-thats what this collection symbolises. That theres ALWAYS a fun, silver lining in the midst of hopelesness and despair and these pieces are a reminder that after the rain, theres a rainbow-full of colours and splendour!

This collection is also very sexy.

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